The Rooms

The artworks, placed according to the Church of origin, are displayed in four rooms. The importance and richness of the priory Church of Santa Maria da Piedi (literally “St. Mary to the edge”) are well represented in the first two rooms. The third setting is dedicated to the artworks that belonged to partially or completely destroyed churches: here we can find the fresco of St. Mary of Cigliare (an area in Mogliano), the paintings and the forniture of San Giuseppe dei Falegnami and San Martino (St. Joseph of the Carpenters and St. Martin) and other paintings of still exisings churchres such as Santa Lucia and SS Crocifisso d’Ete (St. Lucy and Most Holy Crucifix of Ete). In the fourth room, we can find the altarpieces of the churches of St. Michael in Templano and St. Joseph by the Furnaces, the icons of the ancient Oratory of St. Mary of Mercy and some works from the nearby Church of St. Mary of Piazza, the largest in town, where it is possible to admire the Assumpted by Lorenzo Lotto.