Church of Saint Mary in the Square

1532 - 1542: it is built next to the oratory of Saint Mary of the Misericordia;
1548: Lorenzo Lotto paints the altarpiece;
1759 - 1774: it is rebuilt starting from the foundations, since then, the frontal facade is unfinished;
early nineteenth century: it already has on the spire of the bell tower the bell of the public clock, which has long been placed at the top of the belfry;
1873: it has a new altar and a new floor;
1919: the chapels are restored;
1927: the roof is restored;
1929: it is sold in perpetual use to the Parish of S. Maria di Piazza;
1938: new floor;
mid-20th century: the spire of the bell tower has been completely dismantled.